Bienvenu Language Center
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Individual lessons of English and French language with a native speaker IN CHISINAU.

EFFECTIVe learning of english and french languages!

Professional teacher with 13 years experience of teaching English and French languages to school boys and girls, university students, office workers, directors of companies and people from the world of business.

Methods and teaching materials!

Effective learning of English and French languages!

Preparation for enrollment in a foreign University?

Intensive preparation of students from all level of knowledge, for enrollment in European and American universities. 

Preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, high schools graduation exams.

Emphasis on the speaking part

Studying a foreign language with a native speaker will help you master it quickly, speak without accent and avoid the mistakes often made while studying with non-professional teachers. The use of modern tools and manuals. The individualized approach will bring high results even with children.

Preparation for immigration

Intensive conversational course with preparation for interview at the USA and Canadian embassies. Preparation for interviews for students applying for work & travel visas at the USA embassy or people aiming to work in English speaking countries.

Few words about me :)

  My name is BIENVENU TENKEUO. I am from Cameroon and presently, I live in Chisinau and I teach English and French languages. I have two high education diplomas. I also travel a lot, meeting and conversing with people from all nationalities and I dedicate a big part of my free time to teach my students from Moldova, and also from foreign countries (Germany, France, Spain, Russia, etc…) with whom we have lessons on Skype.          

 During a period of 5 years, I went through an internship course on “Modern Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages” at the American School INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF TOMORROW (Moscow) where I taught French to teenagers from different countries. Besides that, I also tutored students, preparing them to pass TOEFL exams (for enrollments into European/American universities) and workers, businessmen, developing their speech and preparing them for negotiations with their foreign partners.

In Chisinau, I had the experience of teaching the employees of the Ministry of Sports and I am a part time teacher at ALLIANCE FRANCAISE.

  To sum up, I have a teaching experience of 13 years in English and French languages. In my lessons, a big emphasis is laid on the development of speech.

Mr. Bienvenu Tenkeuo

My students

I studied French with Mr. Bien for six months knowing nothing in French. For this period of time, I mastered the basic vocabulary in French, the grammar and the most important – I had a good conversational practice with a native speaker. It helped me to achieve a better pronunciation. 

Now I can speak without complex or embarrassment and I am quite confident and fast in my French speech.

Xenia Doroshenko

High School Natalia Gheoghiu

Mr. Bien is a good teacher indeed. With him, it was never boring at the lesson. He taught what was really needed and he could explain it clearly. During our lessons, a lot of time was dedicated to the development of speech. Living presently in Israel and not speaking Ivrit, I can communicate with people in English. Personally, I am very satisfied with the results of our lessons.

Vladislav Yampolvskii

Hebrew High school, Chisinau

In half a year before my graduation from High School, I started preparing for the enrolment in LCC International University in Lithuania. With the knowledge of English at the scale of 7, I needed to pass the TOEFL iBT with the minimum score of 61. Two months of intensive work with Mr. Bien helped me to achieve my goal. I scored 71 at the TOEFL iBT test and I was enrolled at the university.

Dmitry Bilchenko

LCC International University

or. Chisinau

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Bienvenu Language Center

 25 Valea Apelor Str.  Chisinau, Moldova.

+(373) 604 29 044